Coach Vocal

Joaquín teaches singing and acting individually or in groups

¨In my classes you will discover your voice as if it were an instrument. Each person has a unique instrument; the voice is something personal and must be worked from the capacity of each person. Many times, more than doing, we have to undo bad postures and vices that we acquire throughout life when we become adults. We must regain the natural position of our body and our voice device, in order to squeeze it to the maximum. It is important to enjoy through learning. Training our voice has to be something fun. ”

After graduating in Fine Arts, Joaquín studied Dance and Musical Theater. There he specialized in acting and vocal technique. There he acquires the knowledge and technique of great voice professionals such as Isabel Soriano, Juan Antonio Vergel, Kirby Navarro or Júlia Conesa (creator of the MODCLASS method).

Later he begins to delve into the different singing methods such as the ESTILL VOICE CRAFT by Helen Rowson or SPEECH LEVEL SINGING.

He has also studied numerous diction and speech therapy courses to complete his training and be able to offer higher quality learning.

He has worked in several schools in Barcelona and he offered several MASTERCLASS in different schools in Catalonia.

Since 2010 he is part of the staff of teachers at the Coco Comin school in Barcelona. He teaches  private singing classes, group singing classes and Musical Theater classes.

Do you want to learn to sing or improve your voice?

His methodology consists of the student knowing Their bodies and their voices as an instrument. From there, combine technical training with creativity to fully exploit the potential of each singer.

What will we work on?

  • Body awareness: delve into the different parts that participate in the act of vocal emission.
  • Sound emission: differentiate the different vocal qualities and their possibilities.
  • Vocal work: Relaxation, breathing, body position, volume and projection of the voice.
  • Vocalizations: scales, arpeggios and various combinations to learn how different letters and notes affect vocal experesion.
  • Musical performance: One of the most important things is learning to transmit what is sung.
  • Music is one of the most powerful languages ​​of emotions. Learning to control our voice as a transmitter of emotions is a great tool for singing.
  • The student’s repertoire and / or original themes: sometimes one of the most difficult things is choosing the songs that best suit our type of voice.
  • Improvisation: This will be a great tool to become an expert singer.

Learn to Sing

My singing classes are aimed at anyone who wants to learn to sing. It does not matter the age or if you want to do it in an amateur or professional way. The important thing is the desire! Classes can be in person or online. The duration can be 1 hour or half an hour. Contact me and I will inform you of everything.

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