La Vida es un Tango

“La Vida es un Tango” (Life is a Tango)  is a poetic-musical play, premiered at the La Formiga Martinenca Theater in Barcleona in 2010 and which aims to define that inexact point in people’s lives, where it is not known if they come or go, if they arrive or are about to To leave, if they know where they are going or they wait without haste for the wind to guide them with no known destination.


Script: Agustín Salvador – Music: Miquel Codinachs/Xavier Zarco/Iban Valero – Direction: Agustín Salvador & Sílvia Navarro – Musical Direction: Xavier Zarco/Miquel Codinachs


Adaia: Tona Siñol – Santos: Marc Casanovas – Luna: Mireia Estrany – Alan: Toni Solé – Sofía: Emma Dalmases – Jaïr: Joaquín Catalán

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