In this section you can find many of Joaquín’s career performances and many of his covers.


                                           You can also enter his channel from here!
“Jealous” from Labrinth, with Casandra Montesinos.
“Alone” from Heart, with Georgia Stewart.
“I think I kinda you Know” (HSMTMTS cover) with Mireia García.
version of the song Over the Rainbow with the pianist Aleksandra Wagner 7519 km away.
          Video Acapella the voices of              ABBA The New Experience 
“S.O.S. d´un terrien en détresse” 
                  “Home”                               (de Michael Bublé)
                “Hallelujah”                   (junto a alumnos amateurs)
“You´ve Got a Friend in Me”         (junto a Jazzadays)
           “United We Can”                 (Gala en Benidorm Palace) 
         “Els nens Bui Doi”               (Miss Saigon -Sala Barts)  
       “Story Book Children”               (con Sandra Reemer)
“Creep” PJB  Radiohead (cover)
           “Vesti la Giubba”          (Moustache El Musical)
                “Innuendo”              (We Will Rock You- Sala Barts) 
          “Beauty & The Beast”         (Jazz Cover)
“Kiss the Air” (Scott Alan)
“El Jilguero” (Peret)
         “Love Song”- Pippin        (junto a Eva Goldberg)
       “Nessun Dorma”                  (Cabaret Berlin)
           “Hasta mi Final”               ( MZM Production)
           “Volver a Verte”             ( junto a Sandra Gracia)
            “If you Lift me Up”              ( cover Christina Aguilera)
    “Bohemian Rhapsody”    (Cocovisión 2010)
“Sere Nere” (MZM Production)
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